Red treeA food or Sugar addiction is something that affects millions of people, many need help and suffer alone in silence. This is a very serious issue that can take up much of your life, It can consume many areas of your thoughts and social life. The issue of food has consumed the lives of many people who just cannot go forward until the problem of food addiction help is addressed. If you suffer from this problem you are not alone but it is possible to stop an eating addiction alone.

Many have lived in shame and guilt over this condition but have become free of the guilt when they learn the true origins of the problem. We show you scientifically that an eating addition is not your fault and how others are curing the problem.

Will power does not work: So many fail because they approach overeating in the wrong way

The old model of will power has been a failure to many because it was not based on scientific evidence. It does not work. People have tried to force themselves to eat less but this is a completely failure. Maybe you have tried this yourself? You convince yourself that you will just eat less or not have the junk food, the result is it may work for a short while but then you are back eating what you told yourself you would not eat, what follows is shame and guilt for overeating. You blame yourself and maybe become depressed; It is a vicious cycle.

Only a diet created for food, Carb or Sugar addiction will work to stop the problem, a typical diet will not stop cravings and overeating; Brain imaging shows that the problem of overeating is a real medication condition that can be reversed. Only a diet created specifically for overeating works

This is the most comprehensive report on overeating created by those who have lived with this condition, over 500 people who have lived and suffered with shame, name calling and other abuses due to overeating have helped create this report which is now helping people stop overeating immediately

You heal alone without doctors, therapists or medications, this is what works. An eating addiction is a private matter between you and your food, you will heal an eating addiction alone and in private. As you heal and discover the root causes of the addiction you will heal the relationship with food, you lose the shame from eating and eat freely on your own terms without shame.

Learn how to heal the relationship with food.

Read this full comprehensive report from the Spirit Happy Organization now in 17 countries. Therapist charge $500 DOLLAR per session to address food or sugar addiction. The Diet for Food addiction works in 2 weeks for less than 20 dollars. 

Free yourself from this condition on your own terms in private.

Includes the only Diet Scientifically created to stop overeating

Click  the TREE  BELOW to read the only Food Addiction cure report in the world for less than $20 that works in 2 weeks



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    1. borderlinediabetes Post author

      Eating in front of the TV is a common habit for those who have a hard time controlling their eating. This is also addressed in our Food Addiction cure report. Remember the report works because it was created with the help of real people who had an overeating problem and won.
      Thanks for your comment.

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  9. katvsfood

    Maybe it is possible to cure food addiction in private but I doubt it is the most comprehensive approach. If food addiction comes from interactions, experiences and lessons learned from others than it seems odd to think it can be cured alone. I guess this makes your report more sellable since bingers (as I used to be) thrive on keeping their problem hidden from others.

    1. borderlinediabetes Post author

      Thanks for your comment. What we did was amazing and unpredictable to us, we basically put people who binge and over-eaters together and an amazing thing happened. Some cried, some laughed but they all healed. Most had no idea the emotional roots of their overeating. Our report basically puts you in the room as if you attended. Afterwards, many ordered the “Friend Again report” on this website and learned to heal the overeating on their own. Thanks again for your comment and Have a Great Holiday Season.

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