More stress…More overeating

Stress,Emotions and Overeating connected

Stress,Emotions and Overeating connected

Stress is a leading cause of overeating. Researchers in New Castle revealed that people who have a hard time controlling their appetite are under more stressful situations. With the growth of food addictions in the United States and much of the West researchers are looking for ways to combat the increasing problem. We have stated on this site that emotional stress and overeating go hand in hand.

The diet lies

People who have a problem controlling their appetite are often met with nasty comments or stares from others who do not understand the emotional links to the condition. We have documented on this site the nasty comments from people who just do not understand the brain’s role in those lack of the appetite. Sadly those who do not understand food addictions will always offer the same failed solution which they claim as dieting. Dieting does not work for food addiction, this is not an excuse it is the scientific truth. Many food addictions and problems with food start without us knowing it. The are rooted in emotional issues. Often we have no clue where the problem began. It is critical to know this


Guilt is still the most difficult emotion that people who have a problem with appetite control experience. After eating too much there can be a deep depression and a feeling of low self worth. This is because we blame ourselves for not having the self control to stop eating. We are actually shifting the blame to ourselves the same way those who do not understand the condition. This can lead to more stress and more overeating.

Stop the emotional eating on your own in private See here  Stop emotional eating


2 thoughts on “More stress…More overeating

  1. Marie Allen

    I am looking for a place for my mother, who is 64 and severely depressed and overeating to cope, and she wont listen to any of the family members, we are at the end of our rope, and she has just in the last two days had a stint placed in her heart because her heart was only pumping 20% of the blood it should, please help me, I dont want to lose my mother, but I dont know what else to do

    1. borderlinediabetes Post author

      Hi, It is very important that your Mother see a mental health professional about the depression as it may be something that can be treated with medications. If your Mother’s heart is only pumping 20 percent, it may indicate heart failure, take this seriously. First, I must make a disclaimer (We cannot offer medical advice on this site, you must see a doctor but we can inform you on what has worked naturally)

      Now, if your Mother’s heart is pumping so low it may indicates heart failure and this is very serious, the best natural way to reverse this would be with the heart vitamin Co Q10 in the (Ubiquinol) form.

      Co Q 10 has been shown to naturally reverse the low heart output, normal Co Q10 (which is incredible) may not help your mom as her (20% output is extremely low) Co q10 in the “ubiquinol” form may help save her heart. Here is an example of this Co Q10 (we cannot recommend any brands or offer any medical advice, we can only inform)

      Here is the Co q10 in the right form

      Here is a link as to how Coq 10 ( in the Ubiquinol form) can save the worst heart conditions, the regular Co Q 10 was not strong enough for severe heart failure but the Ubiquinol Co Q 10 saved the heart

      See here

      Please consult your doctor before undergoing any treatment for your Mother. Again, for legal reasons we cannot offer any medical advice but I hope this information will help you and your Mother. Have a great day, Food Addiction Administration.


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