Eating too much and a 10 year old’s suicide

We live in an age of warped reality. Others are the main cause of your eating too much. This is scientifically proven. After working with so many people with eating addictions we show you conclusively that it is others who have developed this in you. A 10 year old girl is dead today due to mean and disgusting children. Eating too much is often the result of others and we show you this in our studies and report.


10 year old girl commits suicide


Why would a 10 year old girl beg her mother to “home school” her? This is a clear sign that something is wrong. The little girl was being called horrible names by so-called normal kids. Here is the quote from the dead girl’s grand mother.


“Hackney said her granddaughter had complained of mostly verbal and emotional abuse, with students calling her fat, ugly and a slut. All she wanted to do was make people happy and please them,”


Here we hear those similar words from the nasty and mean people who love to pick on others.


They are the same words that are so popular in every school. Slut,Fat,ugly.


The clueless parents of these bullies always think these bullies are angels. When will we teach our children that making fun of anyone is wrong. We give a weak discipline when we need to take a zero tolerance policy on making fun of others. Yet we see the same thing year in and year out in every school. Yet the parents give no discipline at all! Little comments from parents to bullies are “Be nice” “is that nice, Mary” This is not enough! there must be a strong understand that making fun of others will not be tolerated. Bullying and other things like it are directly related to eating too much and food addictions. This is not only the opinion of this site but scientific fact!


This is why we urge those with food addictions to get our report which was created by the loving help of hundreds with a food addiction.


The little girl was found hanging in her closet. The pressure from those she wanted to please was too much. Yet those who do carry extra pounds are made to feel horrible which leads to more eating. This is a vicious cycle that causes you to go deeper into an eating addiction. Eating too much is not your fault and dieting does not help. Until you heal the emotional you will not be able to defeat this problem. Take control here Food addiction help





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