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Anti Depressants Overeating

Depression drugs cause weight gain and increase appetite strongly

Depression drugs cause weight gain and increase appetite strongly

I am on anti depressants and am overeating? This was the latest email that we received this past weekend. This is not an uncommon problem, anti depressant drugs such as Paxil, Zoloft and quite a few others can increase appetite. In fact, it is not uncommon to gain over 50 pounds while using these drugs. Anti depressants and overeating can cause a depressed person to feel even worst if the weight gain effects their self esteem


Can’t stop eating


One of the side effects of depression medications is weight gain and increased appetite, this is one of the effects that is seldom spoken of. It is not uncommon to gain 20,30,40 or more pounds while on certain depression medications. These pills are necessary for millions of people who cannot function daily without the drugs. Depression can be a very serious and debilitating illness when left untreated. One of the unfortunate side effect of the drug use is increased appetite and this can also cause medical health problems. It is important to understand clearly that Anti depressants and overeating are linked.


The Brain


The brain is a very delicate and complex part of the human body. Anti depression drugs have a direct effect on the brain, this is why they help control clinical depressive conditions. Science has shown that the drugs also effect the parts of the brain that control appetite and this can cause a problem controlling the appetite. The weight gain can cause self esteem issues and this can create a vicious cycle. Here we can see a possible vicious cycle of Anti depressants, overeating and depression. Knowing what the drugs do can help you choose what is best for your body.


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Can a binge eater be skinny? What you need to know

Binge eaters come in all sizes

Binge eaters come in all sizes

One of the questions we received recently was can a binge eater be skinny? The answer is yes, many are in fact thin. We have seen over-eaters who are in fact thin as well. What is important to remember is that the problem affects people of all nationality and of all sizes. There is no typical size for a binge eater. They can be people who are skinny or heavy.


What is this eating disorder really?


This is a condition where for a period of time a person will consume large or extreme quantities of food usually in a single sitting. The characteristics of the foods typically consumed are usually high fat,sugar or empty calories. Those who practice this behavior usually state that they have no control over the overeating. This is consistent with those we have helped treat with the ‘Friends again” report. We have discovered that those who do overeat are extremely intelligent and thoughtful people. A binge eater can be skinny, this condition does not necessarily include a weight problem although some were overweight. The vast majority were just slightly overweight not more than 10 pounds.


Hidden and unresolved stress are once again the key factor in those who binged and this is the key to healing. This is the number one site for true food addiction problems, read this site daily and heal. The blame is often very heavy on the conscience of a person who overeats, guilt and shame are often associated with the problem. Will power does not stop this condition but sadly will power is still what most people use to treat themselves. We must remove the stereotypes; a binge eater can be skinny,overweight or slightly over weight. This condition can be reversed on your own, The Friends again report includes healing for binge eating see here help for food addiction

Why am I always hungry?

Dieting will not solve this

Dieting will not solve this

Why am I always hungry was the latest question we receive via email. This is not always an easy question to answer. Being hungry all the time can be a sign of illness, for example it is one of the warning signs of diabetes. If you do not have high blood sugar your hunger may every well be related to stresses in your life. If you are asking “why am I always hungry” you are not alone, it is one of the most popular questions we have received on this site


From our research with over-eaters we have seen that almost all overeating is related to emotional stress not gluttony. These stresses can come from a bad relationship, job,family,or just about anything. We have also seen those who have suffered child abuses develop eating disorders. The relationship with food is very delicate and sensitive, there are many things that can start you on the road to overeating. Those asking “why am I always hungry” could note that it can be related to emotional eating.


Dieting will not help a person who overeats, this is one of the reasons diets fail so often, there are many who are dieting when this is not addresses the true cause of their problem. All the diets in the world will not stop overeating. Stress (prior and current) effects the brain and causes changes that are only satisfied with food.



Now, you have to ask yourself which is it? Do you have an illness like diabetes that can cause constant hunger or is it stress/emotional related? In most cases it is the latter( emotional stresses) that cause you to overeat. Why am I always hungry? It is usually based on the stresses in your life.


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What can help Depression? There is an answer

We receive lots of questions about “What can help depression” without medications (Drugs). The answer depends on if the true root of the depressed condition involves overeating or not. If you are not overeating but depressed you may want to see the link here  am i depressed?

What can help depression when you are overeating may be a different subject and this site is for you.


The Depressed and overeating


The connection between people who are overeating and suffering from a depressed mental condition is common. The two go together and the reason has to do with the brain. Brain chemicals affect your mood or as many believe “Your mood affects your brain chemicals” The bottom line result is a clinical depressive state that may have to be treated with medications. Meds are excellent for clinically depressed people but they also can cause overeating and other serious side effects. This is the double edge sword that many face. What can help depression depends on you. Each individual must take their own path


What we have seen in our research with overeaters


This site was set up as the only site that had overeaters come together and solve overeating without therapist or drugs. The end result was the “Friends again with food” report. We show that almost all overeating from current or past emotional issue. You learn how to stop a food addiction own your own in private. See the link at the top of the page to read the report. For those who want to stay on meds this is great if it is working for you. Those who want to come off meds should let their doctor know that they want to stop and then you can decide what is best for you. What can help depression? The answer depends on you. If you have an addictive overeating problem, read this site.



Depression and Food addiction how to take control

You overeat not because you want to Pig out. Emotional issues are behind all overeating

Depression and food addiction are directly connected and controlling this is not always easy. There is a few scientific reason for this problem and it involves the brain. Overeating is often related to factors that go way beyond a love of food. In fact many over-eaters are not lovers of food. There are many factors that contribute to overeating. Depression and food addiction often go together This is a very important factor when considering how to control this problem.


What are the roots of overeating


The fact of the matter is that over-eaters often have other emotional issues that contribute to the overeating. Sadly people who do have this issue are not treated very nicely in our society. It is still acceptable to many to make fun of people who are over-eater. In the image obsessed society that we live in over-eaters often end up suffering. There are literally millions in the world who are clinical depressed and they often take anti depression medications to treat the problem. With Depression or stress often comes food addiction, this is because of brain chemicals.


Science has shown that the brain of a depressed person (from early childhood) is wired differently.


New research identifies the brain chemicals and circuits involved in illnesses like depression and anxiety, giving potential new directions to their treatment. In addition, research with children shows that early-life depression and anxiety changes the structure of the developing brain


These are the same changes that are seen in people with food addictions. Depression and Food addiction are linked in many ways.


The findings were presented at Neuroscience 2011


Most people do not realize that much of their food addictions are related to other emotional issues. A relationship with stress (This can be a job, mother,father,boyfriend or husband..etc) will cause overeating.


Most overeating come from other events in your life(It can stem from the present or from childhood) not from a love of pigging out. The food is used to heal your emotions and this is why you overeat. Depression and Food addiction are linked; you can change this. See here STOP a food addiction





Why am i not losing weight: There are 2 reasons

Why am i not losing weight? Diet or Emotions


If you are one of the millions wondering “Why am I not losing weight?” The problem must be address from two different angles. We will touch more on this later in this post. In the United States and much of Europe there is a growing problem of obesity. Many are trying but failing. Unfortunately, for the majority “Why am I not losing weight?” is what they end up saying.


We have worked with thousands of people who could not lose the weight and the “cause” revolves around two things. One is diet and the other is emotional issues that cause overeating. There are many dieting when it is in fact other emotional issues that are contributing to a food addiction. This is also why may people fail at dieting. The problem may not be dieting at all. If you have unresolved emotional issues dieting will not work. Why I am not losing weight may have more to do with past or present emotional stresses than with dieting.


Those who suffer from depression or those in unsupportive relationship often have a problem with overeating. Becky at 25 was in an abusive relationship and this lead to her overeating. No diet could help her. And we have spoke before about Diana 39 whose mother caused much of her problems with food as well as her dating life.  If you are asking “why am I not losing weight” think twice. Don’t assume a diet is the answer to the problem. If it is truly is a dieting problems we recommend the European weight loss diet because it heals the body. See here spirit happy cure




If you truly have emotional issues related to overeating then no diet will help. We have found that you can stop food addiction when the true emotional causes are addressed See here help food addiction