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Is there a way to stop overeating? You can do this without therapy

How hundreds came together without a therapist and solved how to stop over eating

Is there a way to stop overeating was the number one question when we recruited hundreds of over-eaters to help them control the problem on their own. The key to this website was to help people (Anonymous and privately) cure this issues on their own. This is what so many therapists do not do. Is there a way to stop overeating on your own? The answer is yes.


There are millions who silently and secretly suffer with eating too much. They live with this problem often in pain. The thought of eating becomes a huge problem and causes guilt. One of the things we discovered when hundreds of people came together was that the problem can consume much of the day. This problem with food was taking up much of their time and thoughts even at work.


What worked! We did something unheard of and it worked!  What we did was put hundreds of overeaters together to find out what caused the problem and how to solve it. Some laughed and some cried but there was a healing. Is there a way to stop overeating was the question and the answer was yes. No judgments and no doctors just people with the same problem in one room.



There are many who have been helped with a therapist but what we wanted to do was to help people find the answer on their own. This is what lead to the “Friends again” report. The only report created by overeaters to stop people from overeating. Often a therapist can relate to a problem but it is not the same thing has “having the problem” and that is why this site is so popular with so many with food addictions.


The most important thing that came out of the “Friends again” report was stopping food addiction “On your own in private” See here help with eating too much