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Can a binge eater be skinny? What you need to know

Binge eaters come in all sizes

Binge eaters come in all sizes

One of the questions we received recently was can a binge eater be skinny? The answer is yes, many are in fact thin. We have seen over-eaters who are in fact thin as well. What is important to remember is that the problem affects people of all nationality and of all sizes. There is no typical size for a binge eater. They can be people who are skinny or heavy.


What is this eating disorder really?


This is a condition where for a period of time a person will consume large or extreme quantities of food usually in a single sitting. The characteristics of the foods typically consumed are usually high fat,sugar or empty calories. Those who practice this behavior usually state that they have no control over the overeating. This is consistent with those we have helped treat with the ‘Friends again” report. We have discovered that those who do overeat are extremely intelligent and thoughtful people. A binge eater can be skinny, this condition does not necessarily include a weight problem although some were overweight. The vast majority were just slightly overweight not more than 10 pounds.


Hidden and unresolved stress are once again the key factor in those who binged and this is the key to healing. This is the number one site for true food addiction problems, read this site daily and heal. The blame is often very heavy on the conscience of a person who overeats, guilt and shame are often associated with the problem. Will power does not stop this condition but sadly will power is still what most people use to treat themselves. We must remove the stereotypes; a binge eater can be skinny,overweight or slightly over weight. This condition can be reversed on your own, The Friends again report includes healing for binge eating see here help for food addiction