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Help Overeating and Depression? Whats the emotions got to do with it

foodsOvereating is a common symptom in a person who is depressed. What about you? Do you know if you are depressed? It may seem obvious but often we do not really look at ourselves and how we are really feeling. There are so many people who are depressed and stressed out but many do not recognize the symptoms. Overeating and Depression are linked because food can play a huge role in our emotions.


Diet plays a crucial role in our emotions because food and the brain are linked


One of the problems in our society has been the relationship to food. It is this bad relationship that has caused modern conditions such as Bulimia, Anorexia and Food addictions. All of these ailments are related to your emotional well-being. What is the best way to hand this kind of situation? Many have resorted to surgeries and pills but this has never been a good solution. They simply will not work. Until the emotional issues are confronted the food addiction will remain. The sad consequence of overeating is usually Depression, weight gain and feeling worst. This is a vicious cycle that many remain in.


Of the many we have helped with a food addiction I have never met a person who was happy that they overeat. At some point the relationship with food went wrong and this led to overeating with depression. This condition is embarrassing to many and this can lead to other problems such as secret eating and binge eating. This is the Internet’s favorite food addiction site because it is written for people not Organizations. You can live free and heal the relationship with food.

Follow with us and stop the food addiction on your own in private


Diet for food addiction: What is the best diet for a food addiction?

Diet for Food addiction? Most won’t help

The best diet for food addiction must be based on the healing of the underlying causes. This is one of the major problems with people who have tried dieting to curb their appetite. Often the cause of the overeating is never addressed. With the increase of obesity worldwide the solutions that are coming out from so called health experts are failing. A diet for food addiction should not be the same as a typical lose weight diet. This is something the so-called experts never address.


Why dieting fails most people


With the thousands of diets advertised the obesity crisis is still growing. Common sense tells us that the diets are failing the people. The advertisers want you to think “You” are failing but this is a lie, their diets are failing! In a future post we will explain why popular diets fail so often


How to really stop a overeating: Just this week in The Huffington Post


Here is the story of a woman who lost 125 pounds after addressing the true cause of her diet for food addiction.

That was reported this week in the Huffington Post.



Name: Danielle Crowder
Age: 26
Height: 5’4″
Before Weight: 282 pounds

How I Gained It: Ever since I was little I was overweight. I really put on the weight when my parents got divorced, due to my dad’s alcohol addiction when I was 10. My mom worked two jobs to help make ends meet, and I would eat while she was gone because I was sad. I was teased at school from elementary through high school by kids because of my weight, which just made the vicious circle go around. I never really realized how out of hand it was until my first son was born.



Danielle Lost 125 pounds, this is exactly what everyone who used our “The Friend again” report achieved ;they defeated the diet for food addiction dilemma. “Friend Again” also caused 125 lbs of weight loss and it simply works. See here help food addiction

Food addiction treatment: The correct treatment for food addiction is not the diet

After working with hundreds of men and women seeking food addiction treatment we showed them how the relationship with food was broken. This involves no doctors,therapist or diets. In fact, we encouraged all to eat as much as they wanted and they learned to stop the addictive behavior. Food addiction treatment does not work with dieting or will power. This is a sure way to fail


What we have learned is that so many were keeping themselves in the cycle of overeating by using will power to overcome eating too much. All who take this road will end up failing. Overeating is from stresses and emotional issues. Until you learn the root causes and address them there will not be a successful diet. This condition is not a problem with your diet, it is a broken relationship with the food you eat. When you find the emotional connection of the condition you find the food addiction treatment works


The emphasis on reversing the condition on you own is very important. Overeating is a private matter that too many family members and friends have been involved in. This is one of the ways we have helped people. You read and heal alone. A private matter works better when you address these issues alone. This is what we have found to work best. The first mistake many make when they suspect they may have a problem with food is to try a diet. This will not work. A food addiction treatment will work when you read and address the emotional. This is what we have proven works

 See here Food addiction treatment







Eating too much and a 10 year old’s suicide

We live in an age of warped reality. Others are the main cause of your eating too much. This is scientifically proven. After working with so many people with eating addictions we show you conclusively that it is others who have developed this in you. A 10 year old girl is dead today due to mean and disgusting children. Eating too much is often the result of others and we show you this in our studies and report.


10 year old girl commits suicide


Why would a 10 year old girl beg her mother to “home school” her? This is a clear sign that something is wrong. The little girl was being called horrible names by so-called normal kids. Here is the quote from the dead girl’s grand mother.


“Hackney said her granddaughter had complained of mostly verbal and emotional abuse, with students calling her fat, ugly and a slut. All she wanted to do was make people happy and please them,”


Here we hear those similar words from the nasty and mean people who love to pick on others.


They are the same words that are so popular in every school. Slut,Fat,ugly.


The clueless parents of these bullies always think these bullies are angels. When will we teach our children that making fun of anyone is wrong. We give a weak discipline when we need to take a zero tolerance policy on making fun of others. Yet we see the same thing year in and year out in every school. Yet the parents give no discipline at all! Little comments from parents to bullies are “Be nice” “is that nice, Mary” This is not enough! there must be a strong understand that making fun of others will not be tolerated. Bullying and other things like it are directly related to eating too much and food addictions. This is not only the opinion of this site but scientific fact!


This is why we urge those with food addictions to get our report which was created by the loving help of hundreds with a food addiction.


The little girl was found hanging in her closet. The pressure from those she wanted to please was too much. Yet those who do carry extra pounds are made to feel horrible which leads to more eating. This is a vicious cycle that causes you to go deeper into an eating addiction. Eating too much is not your fault and dieting does not help. Until you heal the emotional you will not be able to defeat this problem. Take control here Food addiction help




Depression,Depressed and Eating too much

Depression and Eating too much

When you are depressed you may end up eating too much as a way to stop the depression. Brain research shows us that this is your body begging for the food in order to soothe the down feeling and make you feel better, this is actually a  coping mechanism the body uses that willpower has no power over. Mean comments such as “just put down the fork” are uneducated, eating too much is not your fault, particularly when your mood is very low . As we state on this site, this is not an excuse it is the scientific truth.

Overeating is deeply rooted in your emotions and this has to be completely addressed before you address the overeating. Overeating is a feel good response from the brain and it is actually a good thing, your brain wants you happy. This is not to say we are promoting unhealthy eating habits, we are not but we have done the research with hundreds of over-eaters that show it is not your fault, we have worked with literally over 500 over-eaters and discovered the root of the problem is not just a love of food. The root cause is a complex mix of present and past emotions and experiences that manifest as a food addiction or in eating too much.

Those who say mean things about overweight people are doing them great harm and possibly causing them to eat more, it is crucial for the over-eater to realize that much of appetite control is rooted in emotional issues that can go all the way back to childhood. We discovered after working with hundreds of people who had this problem that it can be solved by using a specialized diet created for overeaters and the issue is best solved in private without others to interfere. Most of your issues with food came from others who caused you distress. You can heal the issue of eating too much on your own. We feel we have put together the best information available in one report including the very specialized diet created by health researchers in Europe. See here eating too much

The Blame game: Why you blame yourself for eating too much and you should not

Those who have a food addiction often blame themselves for eating too much and they must not. This is based on Science which shows that a food addiction is not your fault. We have seen the mean ads and comments from others who say “Just lose weight” or “Put down the Big mac” This is mean and it may cause you to blame yourself for eating too much. You must not blame yourself and this is based on scientific fact not just an opinion.


A food addiction affects millions of people and many simply do not know they have it. Do you have stress or childhood abuses? Do you take anti depressants or were you teased it school? The list is much longer than this. Science shows that all these things set the stage for an eating addiction that you cannot control. The mean comments from others makes the condition worst. The stares from others and jokes keep you in this condition. Dieting does not work if you have an eating addiction and this is what those who try to diet should realize. This is where you stay trapped.


The vicious cycle continues when you try to diet. The brain will not allow for dieting to beat a food addiction. A diet may work for a short while and then the cravings start. You eat and then feel like a failure. You think you have failed your diet but your brain has created the brain addiction that a diet cannot solve. This is the dilemma that the person who cannot stop eating too much must deal with. The good news is that this can be defeated and you can stop a food addiction. We have shown thousands how to so it by eating as much as you like.

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