Why you have a Diet Soda addiction and how to stop it

What causes your Diet Soda Addiction is a chemical

What causes your Diet Soda Addiction is a chemical

It sounds so nice, sweet and calorie free but a diet soda addiction to Coke, Pepsi or whichever can mean big trouble for your body and brain. One of the ways people have been lured to this addictive substance has been the belief that “zero calories” must equal healthy, this is a big mistake, zero calories can add up to big trouble depending on what you are drinking. A diet soda addiction is 100% real and the effects will surprise you


What danger sits in a diet drink?


Look on the bottle or can of any dieting drink and you will see the absence of the ingredient sugar, now sugar over the past 10 years has been called an enemy of the people, sugar has been blamed for everything from Type 2 diabetes to acne to obesity, scientifically sugar is still the best sweetener on the market( In Moderation). Take another look on the back of that sugar free drink and you are going to see an ingredient that causes you to get hooked on the beverage, in addiction, the ingredient actually causes you to gain weight. A diet soda addiction is ruining your diet and causes you to get a bigger belly.




Aspartame is a dangerous chemical that is included in almost every diet drink, it is not your friend and it is highly addictive. What does it do to the body?


Epidemiologists from the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio reported data showing that diet soft drink consumption is associated with increased waist circumference in humans, and a second study that found aspartame raised fasting glucose (blood sugar) in diabetes-prone mice.

“Data from this and other prospective studies suggest that the promotion of diet sodas and artificial sweeteners as healthy alternatives may be ill-advised,” said Helen P. Hazuda, Ph.D., professor and chief of the Division of Clinical Epidemiology in the School of Medicine. “They may be free of calories but not of consequences.”


If you have a diet soda addiction it is the Aspartame that is hooking you and it is causing weight gain not weight loss! It causes diabetes and weight gain! This powerful chemical (Aspartame) has caused millions of people to become hooked on this sugar free beverages. How to break the chemical hold on you: Aspartame is a strong chemical(drug), it effects the part of the brain responsible for all food addictions. We showed in our diet for addictions how to break this, it stopped sugar free soda addictions in 2 weeks

 See here The end of all of Food Addictons


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