Why am I always hungry?

Dieting will not solve this

Dieting will not solve this

Why am I always hungry was the latest question we receive via email. This is not always an easy question to answer. Being hungry all the time can be a sign of illness, for example it is one of the warning signs of diabetes. If you do not have high blood sugar your hunger may every well be related to stresses in your life. If you are asking “why am I always hungry” you are not alone, it is one of the most popular questions we have received on this site


From our research with over-eaters we have seen that almost all overeating is related to emotional stress not gluttony. These stresses can come from a bad relationship, job,family,or just about anything. We have also seen those who have suffered child abuses develop eating disorders. The relationship with food is very delicate and sensitive, there are many things that can start you on the road to overeating. Those asking “why am I always hungry” could note that it can be related to emotional eating.


Dieting will not help a person who overeats, this is one of the reasons diets fail so often, there are many who are dieting when this is not addresses the true cause of their problem. All the diets in the world will not stop overeating. Stress (prior and current) effects the brain and causes changes that are only satisfied with food.



Now, you have to ask yourself which is it? Do you have an illness like diabetes that can cause constant hunger or is it stress/emotional related? In most cases it is the latter( emotional stresses) that cause you to overeat. Why am I always hungry? It is usually based on the stresses in your life.


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