Depression,Food and Christmas can be a sad mix

lonnelyChristmas is a very lonely time for many and this can lead to overeating. Food during the holiday season is often abused. Often people think of the Holiday overeating time as joy because family is together and all is wonderful. This festive atmosphere is seen as a time of joy for all but in reality there is a down side for many. Christmas can be lonely, a time spent with food and depression. This can cause trouble for over-eaters.


There is the problem with much of mainstream media, those who do not have family or not close to their families are forgotten during the holidays. There are millions who spend the Holidays alone. Food can be a friend and a comfort to many who are isolated from family. Those who have a food addiction often have a very hard time around Christmas, this is not because of parties and festivities but because of the stress of the season. Depression is a trigger for food addiction Depression overeating


During this holiday season let us remember that this is a very difficult time for many. There are many who are glad when the holidays are over and real life comes back. The thought of seeing certain relatives can trigger a binge or overeating in a person food addicted. Almost all food addiction is related to emotional stress and this proven by Science. Food, Depression and Christmas are linked for many. Read this site and get a right relationship with food back.








One thought on “Depression,Food and Christmas can be a sad mix

  1. Penny

    I agree with this one. Don’t know if I’m really addicted to food, but at least in stress circumstances I tend to eat a lot. During Christmas being alone depressed me… free days, friends are mostly busy with they’re family issues, hence how can I keep myself busy? I mostly watch TV and eat… eat whatever I feel like at that very moment. Mostly not really healthy stuff and mostly just too much!
    It’s not too bad for a couple of days, but it keeps the danger to stick and proceed. I talked to a life coach… (Your24hCoach) might help some others with the same issue. Finally just don’t feel too depressed just because it’s Christmas time and you’re supposed to celebrate it in a family. Like the articles says there are a lot of people spending the holidays alone. Enjoy the alone time or just take it like a normal day in the year. Don’t make it a stressful time! Good luck!


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