Why a food addiction must be healed in private

A food addiction is a very private situation and we have shown thousands how to heal this condition by eating freely. One of the reasons so many other treatments have failed is because they have attempted to stop a person who has an eating addiction from eating. We recognized that the food addiction problem is about the relationship with food not about how much you are eating.

 This is a very private matter because your relationship with food should be a private matter. As the roots of the real problem are addressed a person will simply get a better relationship with food and heal. This is proven and it works. There is no need for a therapist of medication for this problem. You heal alone. This is completely a private matter between you and your food and it can be healed between the 2 of you. What we have observed is that as we helped people get to the root cause of the food addiction they ate less.

 This site was founded by the experiences of over 500 people who had this same problem with food and that is why it has helped so many. There is a guilt and shame that comes with overeating. Do not blame yourself; this problem is rooted in deeper psychological and emotional issue. Often others have contributed to this food addiction. We understand a eating addiction because the site was found on the experiences of those with the same problem

Click  here  Help Food Addiction


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